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Our new innovation of Friction welded Induction Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Our new innovation of Friction welded Cold Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Imported new machineries from Taiwan.


Farm Equipment Division - Backhoe Loader

India backhoe-loader

Backhoe Specifications

A Maximum Digging Depth 10 ft
B Reach - ground level to rear wheel center 17.25 ft
C Reach - ground level to slew center 13.33 ft
D Reach - full height to slew center 4.9 ft
E Maximum working height 13.5 ft
F Maximum load over height 10.2 ft
  Bucket Rotation 170º
  King post level 4 ft

Loader Specifications

G Maximum Height 13.7 ft
H Effective Height 12 / 13.5 ft
I Dump Height at 45º 10.7 / 11 ft
J Reach at ground level bucket tooth to Front tyre centre 7.4 ft
K Reach at dump height to front tyre centre 2.4 ft
L Dumping angle 51º
  Working Depth 150 mm

Working Times

1 From Ground to Max. Height 8 Secs
2 Unloading 5 Secs

OZER Specifications For Backhoe

Specifications Single cylinder
Blade Size 2500 X 900 mm
Shift Height 725 mm
Cutting Capacity 120 mm

Backhoe Silent Features

  • Backhoe can be detachable from the tractor and tractor can use for any other application.
  • Can also used for loading trailers as well as tippers.
  • Provided side shifting operation.
  • Well protected hoses with nylon covering insures longer operational life.

Loader Silent Features

  • Single lever operation.
  • Loader detachable from the tractor within 15 mins.
  • Four Bar linkage for better control.
  • Excellent bucket angle 51º.
  • Can also be used for spreading operations.
  • Bharat Loader can be fitted even on old tractors.

Features and Advantages

  • Direction control valve with relief valve. This prevents overloading of hydraulic Systems & low maintenance cost.
  • Strong cross sections & high quality steel used. This gives longer life.
  • Easily detachable. Easy fitting & easy removal.
  • Twin cutting blade for more life. Blade changing cost is less.
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